Majandra (maja_carlisle) wrote in welovenewdrwho,

The Doctor in Germany

Please dear mods, don't punch me if this isn't allowed...

x- posting from my own LJ:

I'm still in shock.

Guess what I read last night?

Pro7 - the German TV channel that airs Lost - will start airing Doctor Who on January, 26th.

Okay... so what? you think?

To understand the whole importance of this event you have to know one thing.

The very first episode of Doctor Who (classic) was aired in the UK on November 23rd 1963.

The very first episode of Doctor Who (at all) will air in Germany on January 26th 2008.

Why yes, it only took 45 years to get it in Germany. (Okay, there were - I think 2 or 3 episodes of the classic series that were aired sometime in the 90ies here, in the middle of the night afaik and no one knows about them, so let's just forget about them for the dramatic effect ;) )

So do you understand my utter shock now?

This shock resulted in creating Planet Gallifrey, the very first (afaik) German message board about Dr Who, Torchwood and all its spin-offs. So to all of you who are German Whovians, want to be German Whovians or know of German Whovians: Come by, post and spread the word!!!
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