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We Love the New Doctor Who!

David, Billie & Russell: We're Behind You All the Way!

We Love the New Doctor Who
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Originally, this community was founded after several very vocal people posted some unfavourable reviews of the leaked pilot episode of "Rose", back in March of 2005. On a March 8th broadcast of "BBC News", series star Christopher Eccleston said:

"There's been a couple of early reviews and they've... they've attacked us. And it's painful. You accept it, you take it on the chin. But when you've worked as hard as we have, with so much love, you hope you'll get some of it back."

I decided that there needed to be a page where people who had either seen the leaked "Rose" or were watching the new series after it had started its official run, and loved it, could tell the cast and crew that they were behind them. And this is what we were saying to them:

Chris, Billie & Russell: A single critic can hit home with a scathing review, but they can't stand up to a LiveJournal full of positive, supportive comments from dedicated fans. We appreciate the hard work you're putting in on our behalf and are enjoying the ride. We're behind you all the way. Keep up the good work!

Now the new Doctor Who is starting its second year and, even though it's now DAVID, Bille and Russell, we're still behind you. Keep up the good work and we'll keep coming back!