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Doctor Who Euro 2008 Championship!

Two years ago, for the World Cup, I held a Doctor Who World Cup - working in the same way as qualifiers and matches, listing all the episodes in the current new series to date.
This year, we've got Euro 2008!

All episodes from new series one to four are listed in qualifying groups
The voting is set-up here:

The qualifiers begin tonight!

The draw was conducted earlier this evening by myself and boyfriend. All 45 new series stories are involved, and are now split up into four groups of six and three groups of seven.

All episodes from new series one to four are listed in qualifying groups, and two stories from each group (the winner and the runner-up) will go forward to the finals, along with the two best runner-ups (if there is a tie there or even within the groups, ratings will be used as a decider). There will then be another draw to decide placement of the final 16 within the four groups for the round robin stage.

Episodes have been lumped together as stories if a "to be continued" is involved.

The qualifiers will run long enough to ensure that the Americans can properly join in if they want.

We really need your votes to get the best stories through, so get clicking!! :-)
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